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Long Island NY is where I grew up and now live.  I enjoy it here because their is so much to do. Not only the beautiful beaches, but we are 30 minutes from the World greatest City, Manhattan and if you want to visit the country all you have to do is drive over the Throgs neck Bridge and your on your way to upstate where the mountains are out of this world. I enjoy visiting other states and countries but I don't know if I could live anywhere else.  People say that New Yorkers aren't friendly but boy are they wrong.  Take a trip into Manhattan for a day and you will meet the greatest people.

Long Island is known for our Wineries, our Beaches, and we have the most famous playground for the rich and famous over in the Hampton area.

We have a lot of famous people who grew up on Long Island, and most of them come back to live. (The Baldwin's, Seinfeld, Billy Joel, to name a few)

Sit back and enjoy some of the pictures i will show you.

Long Island Expressway at dusk

Cold Spring Harbor



Robert Moses Bridge

Mastic Beach, Long Island


Our Lady of the Island, MasticBeach

Cold Spring Harbor



Times Square NYC

Cold Spring Harbor

More to come!!!!