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( this is a picture my husband took days before we were married in july)

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A day to remember



When you woke up in the morning, so excited to
board the plane,
I know you didn't ask to be
Such a part of our Country's pain.

When you sat down at your desk,
all ready to start your day.
I know you didn't ask to be there,
and you had no choice, but to stay.

When you ran as fast as you could
to rescue those who were hurt,
I know you didn't ask to be there,
as a building, turned into dirt.

Now, a Country's Heart's are saddened
and NO ONE thinks it's fair
That you have been taken so suddenly....
Cause...You didn't ask to be there.

This is a poem....for all the victims on the planes, in the buildings,and the rescuers who didn't make it. Our hearts and prayers are with
all those who have lost someone and..those,who have been lost. God Bless You All.

this poem was sent to me from my friend dawn.

My site will be down until further notice, our state, our country was hit bad and this is a time to be with family and friends.  Thank you for understanding.

love, alison