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Border Background Template

This is a template of a table that I use when setting up my page for border backgrounds. I made the border around this table 2 pixels so you could see  the table on this page. When you use this template, you will want to change the border around the table to 0 pixels so the table border will not show on your page. Go to File/Save As and save it in the same folder with all your web site files.

For those of you using an editor such as Netscape Composer or IE FrontPage Express, you can just load this page into whatever program you use, delete everything in this table and add your stuff. You will need the clear.gif in order for this template to work. You can get it on my "How to page" or from any of the page sets. You will need to adjust the width of the clear image depending on how wide the border is. Make sure you have the spacer in the same folder as the page, and don't forget to upload it to your server.

For those of you who type all your coding by hand, all you have to do is copy the code below and paste it after the <BODY> tag in your document.

                    <TD VALIGN=LEFT ALIGN=TOP><IMG SRC="clear.gif" HEIGHT=1 WIDTH=130></TD> 

                    <TD VALIGN=LEFT ALIGN=TOP WIDTH=100%> 

                    <!--INSERT STUFF BELOW THIS LINE--> 


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