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during my time on the computer and joining different groups, i am noticing a little prejudice arising throughout the net.

I just want to let others know that this is an open site to anyone who wants to visit.  I will not discriminate against anyone from coming on to my site or sending me email or leaving messages in the guest book, the internet opened a lot of doors to the world and I am not going to stop anyone from entering.

I will respect rules from pages that I go to and abide by them but  I expect the same from the those who visit my page.

The only thing that I will not honor is any profanity or nudity on this site. This is a family site that children will visit often. 

My graphics are free, I will not charge for them.  My terms of use should satisfy all and I expect all to respect MY TERMS since I respect others. My terms are very simple since they are designed for web pages, being in the field, sometimes you might have to resize depending on the way you want to use the graphic, I do not mind if you do, but please do not alter them or claim them as your own. That is all I ask.

I will not discuss different religion or preach to others on my page where it doesn't specify. since their is too many beliefs in the world to accommodate all, I do not want to make anyone feel uncomfortable at my page.  My page is just to introduce myself to other families or people who want to enjoy visiting other sites and to see what other families or people are about.  I met a lot of friends on the net and I hope to respect them as well.

I have lots of fun in the groups that I have joined and met a lot of friends. I hope you come back and visit!!!!  thank you for taking time to read.