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Human Resources Department

Employee Activities Committee



March 09, 2001


ESTEE LAUDER  Hauppauge warehouse passes available in the ATM room and in Human resources for Saturday morning and afternoon on March 10th.

RINGLING BROS-BARNUM & BAILEY CIRCUS tickets available for Saturday, March 24th, 7:30pm performance.  Ticket prices discounted at $23/seat in the 100 section at the Nassau Coliseum.  Call Dee Kasteard x2260.

London Famous MADAME TUSSAUDS'S WAX MUSEUM comes to NY.  Our bus trip is scheduled for Saturday April 12, 2001.  The day will include lunch and a visit to the Empire State building.   Bring cameras, picture taking is permitted.  $69 is the price for this fun day in NYC.  check payable to Prime reserve, call Debra x8085.


WEIGHT WATCHERS- Class forming at 120 Mineola Blvd. on Tuesdays, between 12&1 PM.  Eight  (8) more participants needed to finalize this class.   $109.50 required to register for the 10 week session.  Call Donna x 3080.

The next DEFENSIVE DRIVING 6-hour class will be two Thursday nights:   May 17th and 24th, 2001 from 5:15 -8:15pm in the New Life Center, conference Room B.  The fee for this class is $ 38, check payable to Defensive Driving Program, INC.   Call Grace x3514 to register.

STARS ON ICE - Sold out!

Movie tickets available for UNITED ARTIST AND LOEWS/CINEPLEX.   Make check payable to Winthrop-University Hospital, $5 per ticket.  Please call your order in to Grace x 3514 ( give full name and phone number). Can be picked up at the front desk in Human Resources.